ocn5Finance – coonvenient and secure preparation of annual financial statements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Save time when preparing your annual financial statements. Creat legally compliant balance sheets and profit and loss accounts with just a few mouse clicks. Using the handy fuctions of ocn5Finance you can optimize your accounting processes.

All Features at a Glance

Central Contract Management for Dynamics

Tilting Account Function

Due to the balance-dependent position assignment, the account is always displayed on the correct side of the balance sheet.

You can use this function to display an account on the asset or liability side of the balance sheet, depending on the balance (debit or credit balance). For example, you can display fluctuating short-term credit relationships in a reasonable way.

  • Accounts are automatically displayed on the correct side of the balance sheet.
  • Manual postprocessing of the assignment can be avoided.
  • Balance sheets can be created more quickly.
Vertragsmodul für Dynamics

Account Clamp Function

Bids for offsetting can thus be clearly taken into account.

If you wish to show a total balance over a specified number of accounts from the chart of accounts, or if you want to show the debit and credit amounts of the total of these accounts separately, you can do this with ocn5Finance.

  • Input tax and sales tax accounts (above) are automatically balanced.
  • This functionality is preset once and is then conveniently available.
Vertragstermine verwalten mit dem Vertragstool von agilesContract

Clear Date Overview

Have important contract deadlines monitored automatically.

Keep Track on Dates with agilesContract

In addition to the relevant contractual dates, contract controlling also analyzes and monitors current contract and budget values and provides you with a precise overview of your data at all times. You do not miss any deadlines and can arrange your contracts optimally.

  • Deadlines are easily recognized and respected.
  • Before the due-date, users are automatically informed.
  • Color gradations facilitate the recognition of important contractual dates.
Einfache Einrichtung im Vertragsmanager von agilesContract

Easy Setup

Consistently save time and avoid redundant work.

Ease Your Contract Management

With any contract types and individual contract attributes you can adapt agilesContract to your special requirements. The flexible template and copy function greatly facilitates the contract entry. At the same time mistakes in the contract entry are avoided.

  • Administrative processes are considerably accelerated by contract templates.
  • Own contract attributes guarantee a high individualization.
Vertragsmanagement mit Vertragshistorie in agilesContract

Ongoing Contract History and Document Filing

Keep track of all contract changes and assign any documents to your contracts.

Sophisticated Management of Contractual Documents with agilesContract

agilesContract archives all contracts and contract data, so that you can always trace the history of your contracts. Link relevant documents such as purchase and rental agreements or additional agreements and open them directly from agilesContract.

  • Any documents can be assigned to contracts.
  • Historical contract contents can be viewed at any time.
Vorlagen erleichtern die Arbeit mit dem Vertragstool von agilesContract

Automated Processes and Workflows

Use your contract data for further business processes.

Automation of Worklows and Processes with agilesContract

agilesContract provides smooth communication with financial and asset accounting and enables you to automatically create purchase orders, purchase and sales invoices and finance budgets.
You use the integrated workflow to control approval requests and releases.

  • Orders, invoices and budgets are created automatically.
  • Permission and approval workflows simplify communication.

Simple. Safe. Reliable.

The architecture of ocn5Finance

ocn5Contract supports all the necessary tasks that occur around your contracts. Many useful features make it easier to keep track of things..

Contractmanagement with agilesContract
Architecture of agilesContract

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